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Clinica del Sol offers medical treatment to families of Houston, Texas

Our clinic specializes  in providing medical assistance including women’s healthphysical exams immigration,  vaccinesmedical imaging, and more. We are proud to offer extensive experience and  professionalism to all medical cases and personalize our support for their needs and  individual interests. Our doctors are accredited by the Texas Medical Board (Texas  Medical Board) is the state agency responsible for keeping patients safe Texas through the licensing and regulation of doctors in Texas. 

"I am very pleased and satisfied with the Doctors and the staff. They are very professional, friendly and really care about the patients. I would recommend this clinic. Dr Le and Dr Krotz are very helpful ,they always do their best for the patients. Thank you so much clinica del Sol"
Sara Saab
"The people here are always courteous and respectful of your health care needs. I've been hear for flu shots, regular blood work, prescriptions, aches and pains, and many other things. They even have a pharmacy built into the clinic. It's a great healthcare facility at a great location and I've always had a great experience. Fair prices too!"
Frederick Hansen

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Frequently Asked Questions

Urgent care services have come onto the scene as a means to fill a gap in the health care industry. While an urgent care is not an emergency facility we are able to help provide a fast and much more affordable option  for patients with non-life-threatening conditions. Drop by today and let us take care of you!

We are proud to offer health care services at rates that any family can afford. While we do accept many forms of insurance we’re ready to provide the same quality of service to anyone in need, insurance or no.

We believe in affordable healthcare for all.