Why does your child or teenager need a school physical?

Why does your child or teenager need a school physical?

Children grow and develop at an incredible rate and keeping up with the changes is difficult without the help of regular yearly physicals or well-child check-ups. One of the main roles of a yearly school physical is to allow your child’s primary care physician to help you understand all the changes taking place both mentally and physically with each new year of growth and identify any areas where your child may need extra support and care.

Here at Angels Medical, we take great pride in our relationship as partners with parents in the care of Houston’s children. We want to make sure you know you have a team you can trust as you try to give your child the best care possible.  

Why Can’t You Wait Until Your Child is Sick to Visit a Doctor?

While we all want what is best for our children we find that many parents see doctors as a resource needed only when a child is sick. Sadly this limits our ability to give a child the best care when they are sick.

Any parent knows that every single child is different, so it’s not hard to understand that every child’s medical care should be conducted in a unique and individualized way. Coming into an Angels Medical clinic for regular well-child check-ups allows your child’s doctor to become familiar with what is normal for your child, establish a medical history and build their relationship with you. This then empowers your child’s physician to give truly customized care to your child and address their needs and partner with you in giving them the care you BOTH feel is right.

Why Do Schools Require Back-To-School Physicals Each School Year?

The requirements for a yearly physical can vary greatly depending upon what Houston school or district your child goes to, but the reasons for requiring a school physical are fairly universal. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC has found that a yearly exam can play a significant role in helping protect your child against disease. Additionally, a regular check-up allows you to understand how your child is REALLY doing in their growth and development so that you can feel confident as you enroll them in classes and extracurricular physical activities.

Another significant reason for your child to get their yearly school physical is to make sure that they have received all the vaccinations they need to protect them from serious and life-threatening diseases. The law in Texas is that, “A student shall show acceptable evidence of vaccination prior to entry, attendance, or transfer to a child-care facility or public or private elementary or secondary school in Texas.” Learn more about the state required vaccinations your child needs to participate in the Pasadena Independent School District, Deer Park Independent School District, and other Houston School districts here: https://www.dshs.texas.gov/immunize/school/school-requirements.aspx

For answers to other commonly asked questions parents have about child physicals visit our article, “8 Frequently Asked Questions About Back To School Physicals”.

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