Health Insurance

Great Medical Care at a Low Price

Health Insurance

At Clinica del Sol we work hard to make sure our high quality care is available to everyone in need. While insurance is not required to receive great care at our facilities, we go out of our way to help you understand your health coverage. Our clinic accepts most health insurance plans. However, it's wise to check with your provider if you have questions regarding your care and coverage.

Houston Family Clinic Services

We Accept The Following Insurance Plans

United Healthcare

Healthy Texas Women

Community Health Choice **


Texas Star


Aetna Blue Cross Blue Shield *

Medicaid: Community Health Choice and Market Place

Human Point

If your insurance is not here, please call us to confirm at (713) 778-1904
* Texas plans, Blue Advantage HMO, PPO, Florida Blue
** STAR, CHIP, CHIP Perinatal, Marketplace

We Also Accept These Forms of Payment




American Express


Full payment for each visit is required before leaving. You will be provided with a breakdown  detailed charges at the time of payment of your visit.
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Clinica Del Sol & Health Insurance

It is our great pleasure to put extra effort into making our medical services available to all. We not only work with the majority of TX health insurance providers to ensure coverage for their clients, but we emphasize our ability to provide high-quality medical services at low-cost prices so that health insurance is NOT needed to obtain great medical care. It is our goal to make sure everyone in the community can receive the care they need. 

We are taking extreme measures to protect our patients and staff. You will find a clean and organized facility here!

A simple visit is only $40 self-pay cost. Most sick visits end up being less than $90 total! Insurances accepted for these same services as well. 

Our staff maintain their knowledge and training by constant educating, certifying, and trainings. 

Clinica del Sol has served the Hispanic people of Houston, TX for more than 38 years! We take great pride in our accomplishments and ability to provide fantastic care at amazing rates.

Insurance or not we take care of you for an affordable, and fair rate. ​

(713) 778-1904


These locations offer the above services and many more.

Clinica Del SOl

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