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We work hard to make sure our patrons can receive expert assistance for every area of their health care. Which is why we are thrilled to announce that very soon our Pasadena location will be expanding its services to include a full array of expert Dental services at our signature low prices! Come in and let us help you keep your family smiling brightly!

Pasadena Family Dental

Low-Cost Expert Dental Care

Keeping your family smiling is a full-time job, but we’re here to help make it easier with our comprehensive list of basic dental services:

General Dentistry

Complete Kids Dental Care


Referrals for Specialist Procedures



Root Canals


Hygiene Consultation

Mouth Guards

Gingivitis Treatments

Flouride Treatments

Oral Exams

Prenatal Dental Exams


Wisdom Teeth Removal



Teeth Cleaning

6 Month Checkups

Dental Fillings

Tongue-Tie Correction/Frenectomy


Much More!

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Angels Dental
722 Fairmont Parkway 
Pasadena, TX 77504

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